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Clair Tumbler
Clair Tumbler
Clair Tumbler
Clair Tumbler
Clair Tumbler
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Clair Tumbler

Osaka Suzuki

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Tinware is said to absorb impurities in water or sake and mellow their flavors due to its high thermal conductivity, which makes it easy to warm up and cool down. This tumbler is a simple way to experience the charm of tinware. It is a gem that best expresses the craftsman's belief that tinware should be not only beautiful but also practical.

Material and technique: Tin, Osaka Naniwa Suzuki 
Size: 6.2cm diameter x 8.5cm height
Weight: 210g
Capacity: 180ml
Region: Osaka Prefecture
Manufacturer: Osaka Suzuki

*It takes about one week to deliver the product (please note that it may take up to two weeks if the product is not in stock).
*Prices are displayed inclusive of VAT. VAT may not be displayed at checkout, but you will not be charged additional VAT. The invoice will include a breakdown of the product price and tax.
*Dishwashers and microwave ovens cannot be used.
*The main characteristic of tinware is that it is a soft metal, so there is a risk of scratching the surface of the tinware or denting it if the tinware is dropped .
*Because of its high thermal conductivity, it may not be able to hold a hot object in it.
*Avoid highly acidic drinks (lemon water, etc.) which may cause discoloration.
*Please refrain from using the product with sudden temperature differences or shocks.
*Do not store in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator. The crystal structure may change (tin plague) and the body may easily crumble.
*After use, wash with water or warm water and a mild detergent with the soft side of a sponge. After washing, wipe off the water thoroughly. Leaving water droplets on the surface may cause stains.
*To remove stains from tumblers, etc., use a melamine sponge to remove some of the stains. Please do not use a melamine sponge on products colored with lacquer.
*Please wipe off dust and hand stains with a soft cloth from time to time. The glossy luster will be maintained indefinitely.
*Do not use a metal scouring brush or abrasives for cleaning, as they will scratch the surface.


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