STORIA - a Japanese story

Surrounded by the sea on all four sides, Japan has about 70% of its land covered with forests. It is a country blessed with water and greenery, rich in the changes of the four seasons. Cherry blossoms in the spring, the azure blue in the summer sea, the changing leaves in the fall, and the snowy landscape in the winter, nature changes its expression with each season, delighting the viewer.

The Japanese people have developed a rich sense of beauty and delicacy through their appreciation of nature and enjoyment of the changes of the seasons. With the sensitivity and sense of value that the Japanese have cultivated over the years, traditional methods of craftsmanship were born and nurtured in various regions and have been preserved and passed on to the present day.

Each piece of work has its own history, culture, and people's passions. What STORIA wishes to deliver is not the "product" but the "story" behind it. STORIA will send out to the world the stories of the gems that have been nurtured in the climates and lifestyles of various regions in Japan and that are born from the passions of modern creators.


Company Profile

Company name Kometiamo Inc.
Representative Keiko Yamamoto, Chief Catalyst & Founder
Business Investment and consulting, E-Cmmerce, Digital Media
Address 2-2-15 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1050013 Japan
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