Yoshiaki Imamura

A one-of-a-kind expressionist who does not fit into the framework of craft or art

He is an up-and-coming ceramic artist who continues to create and disseminate highly artistic works that go beyond the boundaries of traditional crafts. With his natural curiosity and inquisitive mind, he creates works with unconventional and free ideas. He has developed a wide range of expressive activities from vessels to large objects. His works spark the imagination of viewers and spice up our daily lives. Imamura is known as a coffee enthusiast, and his espresso cup, which he created through trial and error with the cooperation of his trusted coffee expert, is one of his masterpieces. The cups are characterized by their functional shape, which has been carefully calculated to maximize the flavor of espresso, and their beautiful design.


Brand story of "Yoshiaki Imamura"

"Ceramic artist, exploring the unknown. Yoshiaki Imamura "

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