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琥珀色の奇跡 日本のウイスキー

The Miracle of Amber: Japanese Whisky

When you think of whiskey, many people would think of American or European. However, recently, Japanese whiskey has been highly evaluated as one of the five great whiskeys in the world. This time, let's introduce the characteristics and recommended brands of Japanese whiskey.


History of Japanese whiskey

Whiskey was first introduced in Japan in 1853. Allegedly brought in by the American fleet led by Admiral Perry. Furthermore, in 1871 after the Meiji Restoration, whiskey imports began for the purpose of selling to Japanese people, but it was quite expensive and not accessible to the general public.

About 50 years later, in 1929, the first domestically produced whiskey "Shirofuda" was born, using Scotch as a model. It didn't fit the Japanese taste at the time and wasn't accepted at first, but as a result of repeated improvements, whiskey that suits the Japanese climate and Japanese taste was created. Nowadays, it is loved by many people.


Characteristics of Japanese whiskey

There are two main types of Japanese whiskey, malt whiskey and blended whiskey. Malt whiskey has a taste similar to Scotch, but the peat aroma is suppressed according to the taste of Japanese people, and it is characterized by a delicate and complex taste. Even if it is mixed with water or soda, the flavor is not impaired and it goes well with food.

In addition, there is a whiskey peculiar to Japan that is laid in a barrel made of Quercus crispula called "Japanese oak". The oriental scent reminiscent of fragrant wood such as sandalwood and eaglewood is extremely popular with whiskey lovers around the world.


5 major brands of Japanese whiskey

Single malt Yamazaki

Representative of Japanese single malt whiskey. It features a sweet and gorgeous aroma reminiscent of fruit and a solid taste. It has won various awards in the world-famous liquor competitions. It suits any way of drinking, but first let's enjoy the aroma and taste straight. If you add water little by little, you can enjoy the changing taste.

Single malt Hakushu

Single malt whiskey made at the "Forest Distillery" surrounded by rich forests, which is rare in the world. It features a refreshing scent reminiscent of forests and a clear taste. If you want to fully enjoy the sweetness and smokyness peculiar to Hakushu, we recommend straight or twice-up (1 whiskey plus 1 room temperature water).

Taketsuru Pure Malt

Whiskey named after Masataka Taketsuru, who is said to be the father of Japanese whiskey. It features a smooth texture and a fruity taste like bananas and oranges. It has been highly acclaimed both domestically and abroad, and has won numerous awards at international competitions. You can enjoy various ways of drinking such as straight, rock, water, and soda.

Single grain whiskey chita

A bright, clear golden-colored whiskey made from corn. As it is called "whiskey as light as the wind," it is characterized by its subtle sweetness and soft taste. It has a standard and light texture, so it would be easy for beginners to drink Japanese whiskey. It is recommended to drink with soda.

Blended whiskey Hibiki

Whiskey with an exquisite blend of raw whiskies with different characteristics brewed in various barrels. It has a fruity taste and a sweet aroma like honey and vanilla. A rich aftertaste continues after drinking. Its balanced taste and aroma attract many people. Straight, rock and water are recommended.


Japanese whiskey was modeled after Scotch but has evolved independently to suit the tastes of the Japanese. It is now highly regarded internationally. The gentle and delicate aroma and taste are the true value of Japanese whiskey. Why don't you take this opportunity to get familiar with Japanese whiskey?


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